Accelerated Orthodontics

Braces and Invisalign treatments with

Micro-osteoperforation (MOP)

One of the challenges of orthodontic treatment—and one of patients’ biggest concerns when considering treatment—is the amount of time it takes to complete orthodontic tooth movement. At Dental Associates, we now offer the Micro-osteoperforation (MOP) technique, which allows our specialists to locally accelerate bone remodeling in a non-invasive manner.

How does it work?

The procedure involves making a few tiny perforations (similar to an ear piercing)  in the gums and bone around the teeth that are undergoing orthodontic movements. These “dimples” create a minor trauma to the bone, which  stimulates the bone cell activity in these areas to improve the bone’s ability to remodel. The result causes a temporary decrease in the bone density which allows teeth to move more efficiently and predictably. The procedure only takes a few minutes and typically requires only minimal anesthetic. There is minimal discomfort after the procedure and the perforations are barely visible after the procedure, and are not visible at all after a day.

Click to see what the perforations look like. | Click here to see the instrument used.

The MOP procedure enables more predictable orthodontic movements and therefore helps to reduce the time needed to finish the orthodontic treatment. The MOP procedure can be completed chairside in minutes by our periodontal specialist or general dentists. Additionally, the treatment yields very little discomfort to the patient. There is zero recovery time, and the patient is able to immediately return to their normal daily routine.

The procedure is indicated for approximately 80% of patients receiving orthodontic treatment and can be used in conjunction with any treatment modality, including conventional metal braces or Invisalign® treatment.

With the MOP procedure, patients have the potential to reduce their treatment time by 50% and avoid the complications of long-term orthodontic treatment (such as stains on the teeth, puffy gums and damage to the roots of the teeth). Shorter treatment time allows patients to return to their normal oral hygiene routine more quickly and enable them to maintain cleaner teeth.

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