Tooth Whitening

Zoom Professional Whitening System

Dental Associates of Connecticut offers Tooth Whitening as a service in each of our offices in Danbury, Newtown, New Milford and Shelton. Discolored teeth can be whitened and brightened through a series of prescribed at-home treatments or a one-time visit to our office.
 At-home whitening consists of an office visit where impressions of the teeth are made to create custom whitening trays for the patient. On the second visit, the patient is supplied with all instructions and whitening gel to gradually whiten their teeth in the privacy of their own home.

Our in-office whitening services utilize Zoom!® Brand professional whitening product and is perfect for patients who need their teeth whitened quickly; Zoom!® whitening can be completed in one visit! During the whitening process, the lips and gums are covered with a protective solution and a whitening gel is applied to the tooth surfaces. In three, fifteen-minute sessions, and with the help of a special activation light, the entire process is complete in 45-minutes. With an average whitening of 8 shades, the patient goes home with a brighter, whiter smile.