Clear Braces

All of our offices at Dental Associates of Connecticut offer the Invisalign clear braces system as an alternative option to traditional metals braces. Invisalign can properly straighten your teeth, make your life much easier, and is virtually invisible. Dental Associates has been an Invisalign Top 1% National Provider every year since 2007. We are the largest Invisalign provider in Connecticut and have the most experience using Invisalign to help patients obtain great smiles without the look of metal braces. Invisalign consists of a series of personalized aligners made from a clear material. The aligners fit over the teeth, and are changed on a weekly basis, placing light gentle pressure to straighten the teeth for a perfect smile.


Because the retainers can be removed when needed, you will still be able to eat as normal. You will not have to worry about avoiding certain foods that could damage regular braces. Additionally, you will be able to better keep your teeth clean since you can remove the retainer and brush and floss as normal. To make the entire process even easier, we offer precise, state-of-the-art Itero digital impression scanning that completely eliminates the need for time-consuming and messy traditional dental impressions.