Invisalign For Teens

Invisalign-logo-teenDental Associates of Connecticut Offers Invisalign for Teens

Is your teen afraid or ashamed to get braces? Teens sometimes equate wearing braces with years of restricted food choices, and the pain that comes along with traditional metal brackets. Of course as an adult you know how important straight teeth are and how a great smile can help their future. Invisalign for Teens might just be the answer.

How Invisalign for Teens Works

Invisalign for teens works with specially fabricated retainers that are called aligners. These aligners work in a series to slowly straighten teeth. There are no metal brackets. There are no metal wires that have to be changed. Instead, the aligners are clear and practically invisible. Your teen will be able to get straight teeth without anyone ever noticing.

Invisalign for teens actually works better than braces, not just because they are invisible, but also because they work more efficiently to move the teeth and in a more pain-free way. The aligners themselves can be removed when needed. This means it will be much easier for your teen to keep their teeth clean and decay free while they straighten their teeth.

Gaining straight teeth for your teen is important for many reasons. A great smile is an asset in the professional world your child will enter when they become an adult.  Additionally, crooked or crowded teeth can make it hard to keep them clean. By straightening your teen’s teeth now, you’ll help avoid possible decay and inflammation problems later.  Get your teen started on the path to straight teeth soon.

Invisalign recognizes Dental Associates of CT as the only Elite Invisalign Teen Provider in CT