Insurance Questions & Answers

Q. Dental Associates Is Not Part of My Insurance Network, Can I Still Be A Patient?
A. Of Course, We Have Many Out-of-Network Patients. Out of Pocket Payments May Be Less Than You Think Depending Upon Your Policy.

Q. Why Is My Dental Insurance “Maximum Benefit” So Low?
A. Dental Insurance Payment Benefits Haven’t Increased Since The 70’s. Insurance Companies Try To Keep Premiums Down By Limiting Benefits Levels.

Q. How Do I Know If Dental Associates Accepts My Insurance?
A. That’s Easy, Give Us A Call. We’ll Be Happy To Help You.

Q. Should I Hold Off On Routine Dental Check Ups To Maximize My Dental Insurance Benefits?
A. Not Such A Good Idea. Waiting Can Result In Not Catching Dental Problems That Can Cost Even More Money Down The Road.

Q. What Happens If My Dental Insurance Doesn’t Cover The Entire Cost of My Care?
A. We’ll Work With You To Arrange For A Convenient Payment Plan For Any Outstanding Balance.

Q. Why Doesn’t My Dental Insurance Cover The Entire Cost of My Care?
A. Insurance Companies Often Limit the Amount They Will Pay For Dental Services. This Amount Can Vary From Policy to Policy.

Q. Who Decides How Much My Dental Insurance Will Pay?
A. Your Insurance Company Determines Your Policy’s Benefit Limits.

Q. Why Are Some Dental Offices less Expensive Than Others?
A. There Are Many Factors That Determine What You Pay For Dental Care Including The Experience Level of Your Dentist and The Quality of The Dental Care Products Used.


Our office accepts nearly all major insurance plans and we are a provider for Delta Dental, Anthem and Cigna. We will submit to most insurance companies and file your claim where appropriate, handle all the paperwork and help you get maximum insurance benefits.



Please speak with your treatment coordinator for any financing-related questions.