Root Canals & Crowns


Endodontic Therapy

Dental Associates is unique in that all of our general dentists are trained in root canal treatment. Modern technology has made root canal treatment much easier for the patient allowing for shorter visits and better results. Most teeth can be treated in the office. Occasionally a patient may be referred to an Endodontist.

The deterioration of the soft inner core of a tooth can cause infection in and around the tooth, resulting in considerable discomfort including, pain, swelling, temperature sensitivity or pressure sensitivity. Endodontic therapy is necessary to save the tooth.

Endodontic therapy involves the use of a filling to replace the damaged soft inner core of the tooth. As with any filling, the damaged part of the tooth is removed and replaced. Since the soft portions of the tooth reside in small canals within the root, only that portion is filled. Following this, additional restoration, ranging from a tooth-colored composite resin filling to a protective crown, is required. However, once completed, the tooth will once again be a fully functional and esthetically pleasing.
As with all of our procedures, patient comfort is paramount. We offer several methods of pain control including sleep dentistry, as well as local and general anesthetics. After endodontic therapy most patients can go on with their normal daily routines. Antibiotics and pain relievers are prescribed as needed.

Root Canal Procedure