Dental offices see an increase in activity related dental injuries during the summer

Summer time is not the time most people think about dental concerns. Yet, dental offices see an increase in activity related dental injuries during the summer.

What can you do to keep your teeth, and your family’s teeth, safe during your summer activities?

Dr. Erol Gund, an orthodontist with Dental Associates of Connecticut, sites casual sports related injuries as the number one summer dental danger.

“Friends at backyard and beach parties aren’t thinking about dental accidents when they are tossing around frisbies and water toys. Factor in slippery pool surfaces and bare feet, and it isn’t hard to imagine a dental emergency situation.”

Here’s a list of summer dental threats and a little advice to keep you out of the dental chair this summer.

Diving – Always know the area you are diving in and never dive head first into a body of water not clearly labeled “dive friendly”.

Swimming – People who spend long hours in pools sanitized with chlorine are subject to “swimmer’s calculus”, small, hard brown spots that can usually be seen on front teeth. A professional dental cleaning can remove the spots and restore your smile.

Contact Sports – Backyard soccer, football and even baseball games can lead to dental injuries. A mouth guard with a proper fit can go a long way toward protecting your teeth. Your dental professional can help you choose and fit the right custom mouth guard for your activities.

Misuse – Although it might be tempting to use your teeth to open that potato chip bag or to remove a bottle cap, don’t do it. Use the right tools for the job and avoid cracking and chipping your precious teeth.

Watch That Ice – Ice is a great way to cool your drink on a hot summer day but don’t chew it. Chewing ice can crack teeth and damage the enamel.

Don’t Give Your Toothbrush a Vacation – While relaxing during the summer months is encouraged, don’t let your oral hygiene slip. Brushing after meals and after ice cream treats helps prevent cavities and keeps your mouth and breath fresher.

Don’t Forget Your Lips – When you apply sunscreen to your face, treat your lips to a little lip balm with SPF 15+ protection. Your lips are one of the most sun-sensitive parts of your body.

Treat your teeth right this summer and they will take care of you for years to come. If a dental emergency does come up during a holiday, weekend or after business hours, quickly find a dentist in your area that offers 24/7 emergency care. In many cases, fast attention and care is vital to preserving your smile. Learn more at the American Dental Association website, take a brief “Summer Teeth” quiz or visit to find out how to keep your smile in great shape.