The Perfect Teeth Whitening Treatment for the Busy & Overworked

The True Cost of Teeth Whitening Kits to Your Health, Time, and Wallet

You’re running around all day, trying to get your kids to practice, one is crying, the other is screaming about Spiderman, you still have to pick up a gift for your cousin’s wedding next weekend and you quickly look at your teeth in the dashboard mirror and think, “Eww gotta fix that!”

So you head to your local drugstore after practice (kids are pretty calm now — it sure comes in waves!) and right when you’re about to pick up an at home teeth whitening treatment, the one that is “dental professional” says it’ll take over 2-3 weeks to get you to that brilliant smile you’re craving AND you got to add another thing to do in your already overworked morning routine.

In comes our solution!

We know you are busy and so we have a teeth whitening solution that compliments your schedule. Schedule ONE (yes, only one!) 45-min teeth whitening session. You pick the shade of whitening you’d like (over 8 shades from Natural White to Brilliant White) and we’ll handle the rest. In under an hour, your smile will be transformed just in time for any big event you’re going to head to next.

X No costly at home kits (that may or may not work the first time)

X No waiting for 3 weeks.

X No fumbling with strips.

X No getting random patches on your teeth because the strips don’t properly fit your mouth.

X No one size fits all whitening shade.

The True Cost of Teeth Whitening Kits to Your Health, Time, and Wallet!

We provide a Customized & Personalized solution that makes teeth whitening easy, simple, and time effective.

You have more important things to be doing with your life and with your smile! Go to your cousin’s wedding, that last minute blind date, or show up at your family reunion with a smile that captivates the room. Teeth whitening can be a perfect cosmetic addition to your self-care routine. You’re already running around like crazy and having to smile while you do it.

Might as well make that smile shine!

If you’d like to set up your teeth whitening appointment call your local Dental Associates today!