10 Candy Alternatives to Give Out This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and with that comes the copious amounts of candies and sweets your children will be begging to consume. Many parents are looking to avoid the sugar coma that their child is sure to take on during this holiday but don’t always know good alternatives to take candy’s place. Here we will show you 10 candy alternatives to give out to children in your neighborhood.

  1. Single Serve Boxes of Cereal
  2.  you can even get creative with this and decorate the boxes with spooky characters.

  3. 100 Calorie Packs
  4.  these packs are healthy and delicious for your children.

  5. Stickers
  6.  what child doesn’t love stickers? Make them Halloween themed and they’ll be sure to be sticking them all over their notebooks.

  7. Pencil Toppers
  8.  pencil toppers come in all shapes and sizes and are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

  9. Halloween Rubber Stamps
  10.  not only will your kids have fun with the stamps, but parents can use them on notes to their children too!

  11. Plastic Spiders
  12.  children will love getting plastic spiders to try and scare their family members with.

  13. Fake Vampire Teeth
  14.  Halloween doesn’t need to end just because October is over; let your child enjoy the fun even longer with vampire teeth.

  15. Slime 
  16. kids will love having creepy slime. This treat is something you can purchase or have a fun afternoon doing a science experiment with your kids.

  17. Wax Lips
  18.  there is nothing sillier than seeing your child walk around with massive lips and giggling.

  19. Silly Putty
  20.  this is always a classic when it comes to children and parents! Does anyone have a newspaper they need to copy?

With these fun candy alternatives your children (and you) are sure to have a great holiday!