7 Reasons Why We Are So Grateful For YOU

During this time of year, it’s important to take the time to reflect on what you’re truly thankful for. Here at Dental Associates of Connecticut, we’ve come up with a list of reasons we are grateful for YOU!

  1. You help keep our passion alive.
    We didn’t become dentists and orthodontists just to have a job, we work hard every day because bettering your oral care is our passion.
  2. You help us keep up to date on the latest technology and information.
    We are the people you come to for answers on oral health, which means we need to keep up on the latest to ensure the best quality care to you.
  3. You’re open and trusting.
    We know that some our clients, children to adults, can fear coming to the dentist, but you still do and trust us enough to let us help you and diminish that fear.
  4. You make our job fun!
    Without our clients’ humor and love, our days would be dull. You are the reason we always come to work with a smile and leave with one as well.
  5. You think of us during the holidays too.
    There is nothing more rewarding than receiving a holiday card with your family’s smiles on it.
  6. You help us feel whole by letting us help you.
    We love being the reason you smile confidently. We don’t feel whole if we aren’t helping someone and make them feel valued.
  7. Most importantly, you’re loyal.
    Dental Associates of Connecticut is extremely grateful for all of the loyal customers we’ve had since 1971.