Benefits of an Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist Team

Our Dental Associates of Connecticut offices are proud to announce we have an In-House Orthodontist and pediatric dental team in all of our locations. As some may know, it is very rare for dental offices to have, but we want to provide patients the most efficient and best care possible. There are amazing benefits of having an In-House Orthodontist pairing up with our Pediatric Dentists!

  1. Early Detection-

    Parents start bringing their children to their pediatric dentist at an early age. By doing so, they are not only giving their children quality oral health care, but also providing the opportunity for the dentist to spot overcrowding or protrusions and be able to immediately ask their Orthodontist if braces will be required when the child is older.

  2. Accessibility-

    If you have or had braces, you know there may be some challenges. If you haven’t, let us explain why having an orthodontist and pediatric dentist is a blessing for people with braces. One of the hardest things to do with braces is get your teeth cleaned. If you have a cleaning coming up you have to also schedule two appointments with your orthodontist: one to remove the wires for your dentist and one to put them back on afterwards. Since we have an orthodontist in each location, this can all be scheduled in one appointment, taking away the previous hassle.

  3. Comfort-

    Going to the dentist could be a scary thought for children; and then learning you have to go to someone else to get braces can be scarier. Dental Associates has eliminated that by giving your child the comfort of one office and the same dentists to get to know.

  4. Quality-

    One of the hardest things to deal with is making sure your pediatric dentist and your orthodontist are always up-to-date on your dental health. Since that they are both in the same building this eliminates the inconvenience of sending and relaying information to both. They will have the same files and are able to talk in person.

  5. Knowledge-

    It is vital for parents to have the most information they can to make decisions for their children’s oral health. Dental Associates of Connecticut has made it possible for parents to get the most information possible by putting our professionals, both generalists and specialists in the same building, making parents more confident with their dental care.

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