The Impacts of Malalignment

There are three different types of malalignment, also known as misalignment, that can have side effects to your life. These different types are broken up into classes; Class One: most common class, this is when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth, causing a slight overlap. Class Two: Severe overbite, the upper teeth and jaw significantly overlap the lower jaw and teeth. Class Three: severe underbite, the lower jaw now protrudes forward. Without going to your dentist and correcting the different types of malalignment, it can cause problems for your everyday life.

Interfere With Proper Chewing

This could turn out to be a painful problem for you. The proper alignment of your mouth is essential for everyday life. Your upper teeth help prevent your cheeks and lips from being bitten while your lower prevent your tongue from being bitten. When they are out of place, you are much more likely to have this happen.

Harder to Keep Teeth Clean

Crooked teeth are much harder to fully clean when going through your daily routine. Malalignment causes your toothbrush to miss spots and flossing becomes more difficult. This increases the risk of tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis.

Strains the Teeth, Jaws and Muscles

The strains from malalignment in your teeth increases your risk of breaking a tooth and TMJ problems.

Personal Confidence

Having misaligned teeth often makes people feel self-conscious about their appearance and affect their self-esteem. Dental Associates of Connecticut wants to make sure you’re always at your best.